Songs from the all-original Greatest Hits CD

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All songs © 2006 Castle Browne
CBB Greatest Hits CD Cover

Songs from Deep Winter Blues
cover art © 2002 Eric Van Anglen It was the dead of winter. It was freezing cold and snowing. We went to the gig anyway. Our wives thought we were morons. Maybe. The bar was full of local folks. They didn't care about the weather. No one was driving. In Hoboken everybody walks. There is no parking. Once folks were in the bar the weather was good reason to stay. With each measure of blues that we played our audience warmed with enthusiasm. Blues does that to people. It lightens the load. It warms the soul. When good music meets the soul there is combustion. It's the reason we play. A band that's been together for over ten years feels this. No need for discussion. When the music is good there is combustion in the player's soul as well as the listener's. These are some of the blues we played that night. They are recorded live in their raw state. No embellishments. It is what it is. Four guys locked together in the moment of musical creation. Four discrete personalities forged into a single effort that produces a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Proof that there is being beyond the senses. At 3am we closed exhausted and fulfilled, only to have our spirits diminished by one ugly ride home.

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